Waking up

I woke up by the sound of the door and still sleepy I asked Master what time it was.
He answered nine 'o'clock....do you want to get up ?
Instead of waiting for my answer He climbed on the bed.
....'it's time to wake up....' while He mounted me and shoved His cock into my mouth.
He grew hard really fast inside my mouth.
Barely awake I just kept my mouth open so He could fuck it.
Not that I could do anything......His whole weight was on top of me, keeping me confined, in place...
just a fuckhole....
I started to squirm, not because of Him holding me like that, but it was so incredibly exciting.
I reached for my pussy and it was dripping....I wanted Him to know how horny it made me.....How much I loved it when He just took what is His.
He knew.
His cock was now so errect and hard that it barely fitted my mouth.
I chocked on it but He kept on pushing it inside me.
Suddenly He grabbed me and turned me around.
The entering was rough, demanding, primal and a pure declaration of ownership.
I am His fuckhole, His bitch, His property.
I reached underneath and felt my wetness in contrast to His hardness.
I came hard while He unloaded in my ass.
'Are you awake now, cunt ?'


Pussy talk

My pussy makes noises.....I have no control over this.
Whenever Master asks me something and my brain sais no, my pussy speaks up.
He laughs about it every time it does that.
It feels like admitting to something that I'd rather would not.
I feel caught but it makes me even more horny and out of control.

It also makes noises when He drags me around by my leash or my hair, usually to the bedroom.
When He throws me on the bed He finds me soaking wet from being dragged so harshly.

By then that pussy of mine is throbbing and it never takes long before it explodes.....

Happy Holidays to all my followers

I haven't been posting much lately and appologize for that....
The hard-drive I keep most of my 'adventures' on crashed and I haven't been able to fix it.
I was able to save some pictures but all the video's are lost.
The good news is that most of the good stuff is posted on this blog.
We will have to make some new material so I can start posting again.
For now I will post some of the pictures and some writings.

Master and myself are doing great, between work and life in general W/we still make time for each other and explore O/our kinks :-)

May Y/you all have a great time this season and be happy :-)

....and have lots of cums, that doesn't hurt either !