First beating with the 'cat'


My first time with the cat-o-nine-tails.
Master went slow on me since neither one of us knew how the long-term effects would be.
I already loved the cat and was eager to find out how full blows would feel.
A few days later when W/we were in the Temple I found out....

A more serious beating with the 'cat'

Picture taken right after the beating:
 These the next day:




The 'share'

Here it is, the 'share' made by the Fun-factory, a truly ingenious toy.
The thick shorter part fits my vagina perfectly and it actually feels I have a 'cock'.
When on my knees servicing my Master's cock I can wiggle on it or sometimes when I get carried away I actually fuck it, giving me great orgasms.
It is made of silicone which gives a warm and smooth feeling inside which comes closest to a real cock of all the toys I've had inside me.


Playing with her new toy


Recently purchased a 'Share' strapless strapon in a kinky shopping spree.

Here's our first video of it.