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My new tattoos


This morning finally, after months of planning and some cancellations , I had the tattoo on my butt covered up.
I also had a little flower done in my ear, which will be decorated with a small diamond stud in the heart of it as soon as it is healed.
The 'V' is no more and I am celebrating with a day off and my favourite cake.
I think my tattoo artist did an excellent job and there is absolutely no trace left of the mark I was wearing for so many years.
The little flower in my ear is just a little treat for myself :-)

I have an euphoric sense of freedom now and am glad that I can look at myself in the mirror again without having negative feelings.

Next to find out how it would look after a nice spanking :P


The perfect D/s

My dashboard on Tumblr , http://masters-cunt.tumblr.com,  is full of beautiful women kneeling peacefully, perfectly composed men seemingly in total power and proclamations of the true things Doms/Masters do.

We see fantasies lived out, but this is not true D/s and far from perfect.
Most pictures portrait the sexual and serving parts of D/s and not real life.
What we see are scenes.

Once I thought I was living the perfect and true D/s.
But I was deceived.

True and real D/s is living the dynamic with all it's flaws, where both Dom and sub are as one, allowing themselves to be sick, tired, not in the mood, cranky, defiant, disagreeable, defensive , or even disappoint each other.
Real D/s has depth, it has problems, it has bad days.
They actually share a life together, go out, meet friends and family together, go to see the occasional movie  and don't hide in the dark.
They are proud of each other and the life they have chosen.

Real and true D/s does not stop at the front door or when a scene ends.
It is a commitment like any other, to each other.
You become part of each others life.

Anything less then this is just play, fake or deceit.


The Sex Goddess project

I was approached by photographer Ricardo Scipio.a photographer with 30 years of experience, including 14 gallery shows and five books, to participate in his latest project called 'the Sex Goddess project'
Since I could always use new pictures for this blog and I liked the whole idea behind the project I decided to do a shoot.
Ricardo is a very open-minded, sensual, handsome tall man and I had fun with him in front of his camera.
He also has a dominant streak to him, which was a real turn on for me :-) and even gave me a nice spanking.
Maybe when I can find time in my busy schedule we will have another session and more pics.